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Having finished their cruel game, the soldiers led Jesus away to Calvary to carry out His execution. As they make their way to Calvary, Jesus, physically weak due to weariness from being up all night, the abuse at the hands of His accusers, and blood loss from the scourging, was struggling to carry the cross beam to Calvary.

The Roman soldiers grabbed a man named Simon from the crowd and forced him to carry our Lord’s cross. Here in Mark 15:21 we see for the first time the idea of someone carrying a cross for the cause of Christ. This is exactly what Jesus said discipleship would look like in Mark 8:35.

So many in our world today have traded the idea of true discipleship for a cheap alternative deceiving us into believing that our salvation is all about us. This cheap and selfish understanding of our redemption is not the cross Christ carried and not the one he asks of us. He is calling us to a life of selfless, sacrificial love that demonstrates His sacrifice to a lost and desperate world that longs to know true (Agape) love.

Join us this Sunday as we celebrate communion and consider "Picking Up Your Cross."
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Patty SpryWish I could. Under circumstances that is not to my control I can't. But am going to a church in omaha. I love your church.3 days ago

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It's been a rough week with all this snow. I believe that BACON can make it better! Join us this Saturday February 6th for Men's Prayer Breakfast. we will be eating at 8 am sharp! Hope to see you this Saturday morning. ... See MoreSee Less

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Due to Winter Storm all (2/03/16) Wednesday night activities are cancelled. ... See MoreSee Less

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As we come to Mark 15:16-20, Jesus has been tried and condemned, and abandoned by everyone. We are now moments away from his death in this passage. But before Jesus is killed, we have an interlude. In the interlude we notice as Jesus is mocked leading up to his death, He does nothing to resist what's happening. He never raises his voice to defend himself. He willingly endures whatever comes his way as he moves closer to the cross.

As we look at this passage we're going to see two things.
First: we're going to learn about ourselves. Second: we're going to learn about Jesus and what He accomplished for us not only in his death, but in the hours leading up to his death.
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2 weeks ago