Who We Are

Who We Are

A Church isn’t a building, it’s a body.  Jesus Christ is the head of the church, and each of His people is an important part of that body.  Below are just a few parts of the body that you will meet here at Gretna Baptist.

Pastor Bryan and Anita Clark 

Pastor Bryan came to GBC in 2010 after pastoring in Maryland for 17 years. He has a wonderful gift for communicating the Bible and also has a heart for biblical counseling, which he studied in graduate school. Pastor Bryan currently sits on the Nebraska Association of Regular Baptist Churches (NARBC) Council of Eight and the Whispering Cedars Baptist Camp Board of Directors. He can be reached via email at pastor@gretnabc.com.

Pastor Bryan and his wife, Anita have two grown children.  He enjoys playing pickleball and cheering loudly for the Indianapolis Colts.

Pastor Steve Carper

Pastor Steve came to GBC in 2012 and since that time has spent countless hours teaching and counseling youth, organizing events, and working alongside Pastor Bryan to shepherd the people of Gretna Baptist Church. His heart is to see young people come to know, love, and serve Jesus, and to encourage their parents as they fulfill their God-given role to be their children’s primary spiritual influence. He is passionate about camping ministry and is happy to serve at Whispering Cedars Baptist Camp each year for Senior High Camp, as well as to serve on their board of directors.  He also serves on the NARBC Council of Eight.  Steve can be reached via email at assocpastor@gretnabc.com

Pastor Steve and his wife, Kendra, homeschool their four kids.  He enjoys hunting, camping, working on cars, and being involved in BSA and Cub Scouts here in Gretna.

Kendra Carper – Administrative Assistant

Kendra keeps the church office organized and running smoothly in the day-to-day tasks of ministry.  She also handles the church’s incoming and outgoing communications including social media and website maintenance.  One of Kendra’s favorite roles in ministry is leading community outreach events including the Living Nativity, Easter Egg Hunt, and Homeschool Hangout.  Kendra can be reached via email at admin@gretnabc.com

Kendra is married to Pastor Steve and together they homeschool their four kids.  She enjoys coffee, fishing, camping, and going on dates with her husband.

Shawn Carper – Tech Ministry Lead

Shawn serves as the lead of the tech ministry, a role he has served in since 2015.   He and his team are responsible for the maintenance of computers as well as running the audio and live stream of the morning services on our YouTube channel. Shawn can be reached via email at av@gretnabc.com

In his free time, he enjoys tinkering with computers, playing video games, and spending time with his friends and family.

Christa Spry –  Custodian

Christa is one of the unsung heroes of the body of GBC.  She joyfully serves Jesus by cleaning up after the rest of us.  She can be found almost daily arriving in her little blue car, hauling in all her supplies, and quietly cleaning while the church is busy around her.  She faithfully checks the event calendar weekly and makes sure to stick around at every event to shoo people out and clean up behind them.

Christa is a native of Germany and is happy to now be here in Gretna.

Roger Penke – Groundskeeper

Roger is another one of our unsung, behind-the-scenes heroes.  He faithfully mows, fertilizes, and maintains our lawn, plants, and trees here at GBC.  On Sunday mornings he can be found liberally sharing hugs and encouragement with everyone that walks in the doors and worshipping with his whole heart during the morning service.

Roger lives in Springfield with his wife Beth, where he works part-time at Ace Hardware and full-time at snitching Beth’s famous chocolate chip cookies.